Dreamvisions Radio Show: Building Loving Relationships Through the Inner Family Archetypes Model

The Inner Family Archetype Model will help you to gain a better understanding of yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually and relate to others in a more compassionate way. Understand how to transcend subconscious and unconscious habits that sabotage you, and how to download the superconscious blueprint from your higher self.

Join us to discover your specific Inner Family Archetype pattern, the first step you can take towards greater wholeness and building healthy relationships. Yes, you can reconnect to your innate divine consciousness and heal your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical circumstances. You can become more of who you really are and expand your capacity to relate in a loving way towards all people.

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Four energies govern the universe and how we interface with it. These energies are best described as Father, Mother, Boychild and Girlchild, and can play out in loving and unloving ways.

You have patterned one of these energies more strongly than the others at the level of your superconscious, conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. The particular energetic pattern you outpicture is your personal archetypal pattern. Knowing your archetypal pattern helps you to better understand the way in which you think, feel and relate to others. It also reveals your deepest aspirations, your hidden vulnerabilities, and even the way in which you perceive God.

When you discover your personal archetypal pattern, you can learn to transform your weaknesses into strengths and become your best self for any given circumstance. Then, you will begin to discern the archetypes that other people function through, so you can relate to them in a more effective and compassionate way.This is very powerful, and actually life-changing.

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Facilitator Training
Online Course

§ Access the inner family archetypes for personal healing.
§ Use The Inner Family Archetype Model to understand and improve your relationships.
§ Make the most of your inherited archetypal pattern.
§ Assess the archetypal patterns of other people so you can relate to them in a more compassionate way.
§ Nurture children through the archetypes.
§ Explore your subconscious relationship triangle and how it impacts your relationships.
§ Walk other people through their relationship triangle and what it means for them.
§ Understand your circle of competency and how it affects your job and effectiveness in life.
§ Integrate these concepts within your own family, business or healing practice.

The price for the course is $495, payable in 1, 2 or 3 payments.

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relate to other people more effectively!

         Antonia says this helps us discover our spiritual self and a deeper sense of self-worth!

         Daniel says knowledge of the archetypes improved the communication within his marriage








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